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01 Sep 2012 | James
Family Ski Holiday in the USA - The Easy Life for you
Why do I love skiing with my family in the USA? I have three children ranging in age from 8 years old to 2 years old and always look forward to my time on the ski mountain with the eldest two, (the youngest will start his introduction to skiing this coming ski season). We have lived in Breckenridge for a long time, however I know that the reasons that we as a family enjoy skiing here are exactly the same as any visitor coming to the Rockies for their much anticipated family ski holiday. The ingredients are just the same although the pressure to enjoy the ski trip are no doubt a touch more acute for the visiting family.

Family ski holidays in america

It all starts from your very first morning and getting the children onto the slopes. Convenience is king and it does not matter whether you are visiting or living here, ease of access to the ski slopes is the key for all of us. Who wants to start the ski trip lugging ski or snowboard equipment for all your children a long distance whilst they play snowballs or worse lose a glove. Do yourself a favor and make sure your ski accommodation is family friendly - that means it is either on the slopes, a very short walk or at least very close to a free ski shuttle that drops you off at the base area. Whether you are using children's ski / snowboard school or not, this will make you life easy.

Whilst my children have loved ski school without reservation, it is the time I spend with them on the slopes that is magical. The beauty of a family ski holiday is that it is one of the very few activity holidays that you can do as a family and enjoy together, all at the same time. The USA manages its terrain beautifully and allocates slopes for slower skiers and beginners. What better place to engage your children in the joys of the ski trip than the confidence boosting slopes found in the USA, where you do not feel the need to constantly look over your shoulder at other skiers and riders.

The basic truth is that skiing and snowboarding in the USA tends to be a relaxing experience, waiting in line for the chairlift with a 3 ft tall child is stress free as no one is scrambling over your skis to get to the front. Picking your kid up from Ski School is not an anxious experience as more often than not they are asking about what time drop off is the following morning. Your family ski holiday is also helped by mother nature, soft groomed snow is just easier to learn on! There are many things that you can do to grease the wheel on your well earned family ski trip, choosing the right location is the best foundation.

Here are some of the things that we at Ski Bundle can help you with when planning your Family Ski Trip to the USA

- Free Children's Lift Tickets
- Free Ski Hire and Snowboard Rental
- Great value Ski Accommodation
- Fun Family Activities
- Advice on Ski School programmes

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