Banff and Lake Louise - Sculpted in Time

15 Oct 2014 | Jamie
Each of the first three episodes uses a different resort as backdrop for the story for their iconic characters and explores their association with ski areas either through work or play, now or in the past.

In my personal favourite, Mount Norquay sets the scene for an emotive and inspiring interview with ‘The Wise Man’. 88 year old Eddie Hunter was born in 1926, the same year the lifts started turning. Taking in Eddie's past reflections and present perspectives, i couldn't help but notice the lump in my through. And you also can't help noticing that for a guy knocking on the door of 90, he can still make turns with the best of them.

We look through the photographers lens at Sunshine in The Artist’ and the mountains and skiing at Lake Louise has a profound effect on ‘The Character’. The final part of the series, ‘The Innovator’, due to be released on 20th October, promises a journey through the backcountry wilderness. A step outside the ski area ropes into the other side of winter in the National Park.

The Banff National Park is without doubt one of the most scenic and ruggedly beautiful places you’ll ever ski. The amazing HD images captured in this series help bring this experience into your living room. It also provides a striking illustration of the very distinct and separate personalities of the ski resorts that sit within its boundaries.

The Wise Man

The Character

The Artist

The Innovator
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