Whistler - Beyond

15 Oct 2014 | Jamie
‘Beyond' Whistler's cutting edge resort & skiing marketing images are the people that live there. In Whistler’s words, this is “A closer look at the people that make the place, and their dedication to never standing still”.

Couples bound together by the place they live and the sport they love. A look at freeskiing pioneer and local legend Mike Douglas. Three short and sweet portions of Whistler goodness. However, the icing on the glacial cake is served up in The Night Watchman, a breathtaking look at the sleep deprived work of David McColm a ‘Meteorological Photographer’.

Doesn’t sound particularly breathtaking does it? Well it is. If you only watch one of these videos, watch this one. If his time-lapse images of oceans of clouds roiling beneath granite mountain tops or the Aurora Borealis shimmering above a competing night light show on Whistler Mountain don’t impress you, i’m really not sure what will.

Episode 1 - Binding Obsessions

Episode 2 - Blindside

Episode 3 - Night Watchman 

Episode 4 - Double Exposure
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