Top reasons why Catered Chalets in Breckenridge, Colorado are great for families.

26 Sep 2011 | James

After a long journey having to amuse your children, make sure that their favourite teddy or gameboy is not left on the plane, and then transferring to the resort, what better welcome than a beautiful warm catered chalet, the fire flickering in the living room and the smell of a lovely meal awaiting you in the kitchen. The essence of the catered chalet starts from the moment you cross the threshold. The chalet crew are there to make your time easy and enjoyable.


Oh yes, the first morning on a ski holiday. We all know how it can turn out. Rushed breakfast, lost leggings, children wading through snow drifts when they should be staying dry! The full service catered chalet takes the hassle out of your hustle. Breakfast is ready for you nice and early, lift tickets laid out on the dining room table, the courtesy shuttle is warm, waiting in the driveway to take you to the ski / snowboard hire shop or more importantly to the children’s lesson for the day. Ahhhh.


Now remember this is skiing holiday!! Here is where North America and in particular Breckenridge, Colorado excels. The terrain in Breckenridge is beautifully suited to all level of skier and snowboarder. We have all seen the family dynamic, some want to try to scare themselves silly in a couloir, whilst others are happy to cruise and enjoy the scenery. Children love skiing through the gladed trees, whilst parents often prefer not to navigate the slalom run that is the ‘enchanted forest’ in Breckenridge. There is something for everyone here in Breck. And the beauty is that it is all found in very close proximity of each other allowing for a family ski where everyone is happy

Ski schools……… how we love the anticipation of whether little Jonny is going to howl or laugh when he is dropped off in the morning. Whilst Breckenridge Ski Resort cannot guarantee that it will be all smiles on the first morning, I can definitely vouch for the fact that little Jonny won’t look over his shoulder the second day. It is not just in the common language, but more importantly in the manner in which it is used. America and Americans are intrinsically positive, marry this with great slopes, terrain parks and trails specifically made for children and you will have one happy camper at the end of the day.


Schlepping home. Not really a topic of conversation here as the courtesy shuttle will whisk you home where freshly baked cookies, muffins, brownies or the like awaits. And what better way to finish off a fantastic day on the slopes than to have a lovely soak in the hot tub whilst the children build that snow fort they started at the beginning of the day


Now it is called a ‘catered’ chalet for a reason. Whilst some families prefer to all eat together family style, by far and away the best method is to let the chalet crew serve the young ones early, having made sure of course that their favourites are being prepared to save any battle of wills. Now Mum and Dad can enjoy the gourmet 3 course meal in peace and in good company whilst the children chill out in the downstairs living room


It is not just the skiing and snowboarding that makes a family ski holiday to Breckenridge so enjoyable. How about all the other activities and excursions that you can do – Dog sledding, snowmobiling, inner tubing to name but a few.


You have worked hard all year to come away with the family, make the most of it. You have certainly earned it!! The essence of a catered chalet is so well suited for the family ski holiday that it might be hard to imagine an alternative. Couple that with the high level of service and attention to detail that is commonplace in North America and suddenly the memory of getting there melts away.

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